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  • About Sister Ivy

    Sister Ivy is a most often a quartet formed in Asheville, NC that fuses Neo-soul, Jazz, R&B, and Rock elements to carry poetic musings to the listener’s ear on a groove-able beat. Though spearheaded by songwriter and lyricist, Rachel Waterhouse, the band relies on the collaborative input of all its members—everyone writes their own parts, creating a unique and personal conversation between the instruments and the players. Sometimes the band members change, and so does the music. Other times you may find Sister Ivy solo...a.ka. Rachel Waterhouse and a loop pedal, and the music changes again. Same skeleton, different flesh.



    vocals & keyboard

    Rachel basically came out of the womb singing, but it wasn't until the ripe age of six, when her family moved into a parsonage with a junkyard ready piano in the living room that her official on again off again affair with music began.

    Ask her about it sometime.





    Kayla bent her first guitar strings when she was 11 years old and she hasn't looked back since.

    A graduate of Berklee, Kayla stuns audiences with her remarkably smooth tones and innovative lead lines. An extremely versatile player, Kayla tackles styles ranging from Hendrix to Scofield to Garcia, with a soulful touch all her own.




    Brennan's virtuosic bass lines add magic to every group he joins up with. Additionally, he is also multi-instrumentalist and composer/producer of no small talent.

    He manages, plays with, and writes music for Asheville-based 7+ member r&b, neo-soul, fusion band, Window Cat.




    The Groove is strong with this one, and for good reason. Will has steeped himself in the roots of rhythm. In addition to his percussion studies at App State, Will received training in West African drumming in Guinea and in balafon from Master Griot, Abou Sylla.

    He has toured the east coast with Supatight, The Local Boys, Bayou Diesel and The Emily Musolino Band.


  • Past Members

    Mattick Frick, Drums

    Edwin Mericle, Drums

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    From the Tap and interview on 103.3, 11/1/2016

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